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The event aims to valorise the O1 MODEL SETTING and the O2 CONTENT CURATION. A ME will be realized in 4 partner countries in the same month and will involve the main project target: school teachers of lower and upper secondary school, headteachers. The event has 4 peculiar objectives:

  • to spread and valorise the 1st intellectual output, the SPACE model setting;
  • to spread and valorise the 2nd intellectual output, CONTENT CURATION;
  • to give information about the project, its goals, activities, events;
  • to reach the target of teachers in order to prepare the experimentation phase.



The event aims to valorise the O3 ONLINE SYSTEM and the O4/A2 MOOC implementation. A ME will be realized in all partner countries in the same month. This events will involve a larger audience of participants:

  • school teachers of lower and upper secondary school and headteachers, – target already involved in the 1st set of events;
  • teachers, trainers, managers from other educational levels and contexts, experts, key actors and stakeholders.

At this stage four intellectual output have been developed: besides the O1 and the O2, already shared in the first set of multiplier events (E1 to E5), we have the O3 ONLINE SYSTEM in which the OER and the info about the project have been published, and that hosts the MOOC; the O4 MOOC development, consisting in the MOOC blueprint and the development of the MOOC itself, with the edition of units, didactic material, and so on.

The participants to the events will be informed about these outputs and will have the opportunity to participate in the experimentation that will experiment the MOOC and the SPACE system.



The event, planned in coincidence with the project completion, is aimed at presenting the whole project results and lessons learnt, with a specific focus on the O4 MOOC DEVELOPMENT including the results of the experimentation, and the O5 TOOLKIT, including the Guidelines and the recommendation for the transferring to relevant stakeholders of other educational fields and contexts (eg University, VET, Third Sector and voluntary work, primary School).

The event is planned to be held at month 24,  in coincidence of the Final Consortium meeting according to the project timetable, in order to allow the participation of all project partners as key informants and witnesses of the European relevance of the project.

The event will allow explaining the potential represented by the project’s outputs in terms of reinforcement of awareness and competences of teachers to prevent and contrast the cyberbullying phenomena.






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