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OER are classified according to the following categories:

Subject Area

Destination User


Year of Release

Resource type

Conditions of Use

You can select one or more category to find the resource; if you don’t select anything, the system will return the complete list of resources.


Subject Area 

General area: Knowledge of the typologies of bullying and cyberbullying, definition of the phenomenon, risks factors, incidence.

Psycho-social-pedagogical area: Understanding the cyberbullying situations and phenomena, managing conflicts, planning information and training activities for the students.

Technological area: Aware use of social media, online communication, safety and well-being.

Regulations area: European and national laws, recommendations, circulars, institutions to contact in case of cyberbullying episodes.


Destination user

The style, the lexicon, the content of a resource can meet better the needs of student, of a teacher, of a parent, of the person responsible for running the school.



Resources are available in the following languages:

English (EN),

Italian (IT),


Dutch (NL),

Turkish (TR),

and Portuguese (PT).


Year of release

Select the year of the release of the resource.


Resource type

Report: project report, or research report, or institutional report, etc.

Paper, article: online magazine, conference proceeding, academic website, etc.

Book or book chapter: must be fully available on web

Courseware material (lesson or module or unit): contents expressly produced to be used within a training program

Wiki or knowledge base: like Wikipedia or other online manuals

Game or interactive content: game, simulation, app, quiz, etc.

Law or regulation: text of the law or regulation

Statistic data: statistical data from an accredited institution

Infographic, diagram, illustration: any graphical representation to summarize or illustrate a phenomenon: infographic, diagram, presentation, scheme, map, brochure, etc.

Video:  like Youtube or other online video 

Podcast: a digital audio file

Web page: a web page from an organization, an institution, a project, a school, etc.


Conditions of use

No restrictions: No restrictions on your remixing, redistributing, or making derivative works. Give credit to the author, as required

Remix and share: Your remixing, redistributing, or making derivatives works comes with some restrictions, including how it is shared

Share only: Your redistributing comes with some restrictions. Do not remix or make derivative works

Other: Copyrighted materials, available under Fair Use or other custom arrangements. Go to the resource provider to see their individual restrictions


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