MOOC Development


This output consists in the blueprint and the implementation of the online course. The blueprint defines the units, the learning activities, the progression of tasks in the weeks, the support to learners.

Basing on the blueprint, the MOOC will be implemented on the Online System; the implementation time has been calculated according to the MOOC Development Guidelines of Universities of Toronto and British Columbia, that recommend a time of 4-6 months to design and implement a MOOC. Once developed, the MOOC will be tested; an experimentation plan will define the schedule, the involvement of the target, the standards. The teachers involved will be enrolled in the MOOC and will attend it, acquiring the knowledge and competences in order to prevent and contrast cyberbullying. A final report will gather and argument the results of the experimentation, allowing to improve and modelling the MOOC for its further delivering and exploitation.

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